Weekly outline

  • Introduction

    Welcome to the [ENTER COURSE NAME HERE] course.

    Here you'll find details on your course and will be able to gain access to your module notes and assignment tasks.

    You have access to submit your work online and receive your marked assignments back direct from your tutor/marker. You can also see your results and progression of criteria achieved.

    If you have any queries as you progress, please contact our offices by using one of the methods below:

    By telephone: [ENTER PHONE NO HERE]

    By email: [ENTER EMAIL HERE]

    Our Student Support Team are on hand to help you through your journey.

  • Module 1 - [Enter title here]

  • Module 2 - [Enter title here]

  • Module 3 - [Enter title here]

  • Module 4 - [Enter title here]

  • Module 5 - [Enter title here]

  • Module 6 - [Enter title here]

  • Final Assessment

  • Certification

  • Re-assessment